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All Patterns use 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Corrections to Patterns

If you purchased Tablerunners and Placemats before 5/19/21, there is a correction page 1 - don't worry - there is plenty of yardage!

Dark - You will need an additional 1 1/2" strip to get the 8 - 12 1/2" x 1 1/2" segments you need.

If you purchased a Baby Pinwheel pattern before 6/8/17, there is a correction to page 1, it will not change your quilt or the number of squares - see below:

Light         Cut 3— 5 ⅜” x width of fabric
                 Then cut: 18—5 ⅜” squares
Dark          Cut 3— 5 ⅜” x width of fabric
                  Then cut: 18—5 ⅜” squares

If you purchased a Baby Opposites pattern before 9/7/18, there is a correction to page 1, "(save for border)" should only be listed for the last fabric cut. All other cuts are used for the blocks and cornerstones in border.

Medium and Focus Print           Cut 2-3 1/2" x width of fabric
                                                  From strip cut 8 -10" x 3 1/2"
                                                  segments (save for border)

If you purchased a Slipped pattern before 10/2/2018, there is a correction to the bottom of page 2. The statement should be "sew one segment to the "2" x 6" medium scale print segment as shown. Press the seam away from the dark pieced segment." The words are wrong - but the cutting and the pictures are correct. :)

If you purchased the Snailed pattern before 3/18/19, there is a correction to page one. When cutting the 4 1/4" squares, it says to cut once to create 20 triangles, it should say "cut twice." The wording is wrong, but the square size and pictures are correct. :)

If you purchased the Baby Kissing Frogs before 7/15/19, this is a correction to the wording on page 3 in the Outer Border section. The text states "5 strips of dark" but the border is made from "4 strips of large scale print." The cutting instructions and pictures are correct. :)

All Baby A-OK quilts will need only 1/2 yard for binding.

Picado measures 53" x 61" when finished.

If you purchased Irish Thing before 2/19/20, page 4 shows the first row beginning with an X block, the first row should start with an O block.

If you purchased Baby Monkey Business before 07/07/21, page 2 shows the blocks turned in reverse order of the finished quilt on page 4.  Either placement will work for the quilt.  Page 3 states to place a dark piece on the end of the side border, it should be medium as the picture shows.  The cutting instructions are correct :)

If you purchased Random Stars before 11/28/21, the pattern does not give the amount needed for the border fabric on the pattern cover.  Amounts are: Crib 3/4 yd, Lap 1 yd, Twin 1 1/4 yds, Queen 1 1/2 yds.

If you purchased Tablerunner and Placemats before 1/26/2022, there is a correction to the cutting instructions for the DARK fabric.  See below:

             Cut 1 @ 8 ½” x width of fabric
                        From this cut: 1—20” x 8 ½” segment, 7—12 ½” x 1” segments               
             Cut 1 @ 1” x width of fabric, then cut 3—12 ½” x 1” segment

             Save the rest for backing of the tablerunner (piecing as needed)

If you purchased Ponder before 4/24/22, there is a correction to the listing on the bottom of page 2 for the dark fabric.  It should read "4 1/2" x 7 1/2" segment (not 2 1/2 x 7 1/2").  The picture and the cutting directions are correct. 

If you purchased Square not Square before 3/7/23, there is a correction on page 2.  On page 2, three of the Fat Quarter cutting charts have the wrong written information under them. The 4 1/2", 5", and 6 1/2" charts say to cut 4" strips. The pictures are correct!