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Tia is my family name.  My name outside of home is Susan, but I will answer to either.  When I started quilting, I was frustrated with the patterns that were available.  They wanted all these crazy different measurements of fabrics, and the directions were so wordy!  NO PICTURES!  I am a visual learner.  Show me.  And as far as fabric, how was I going to remember all those different amounts?  And how could I afford to keep a stash large enough to be able to follow these patterns? 
I was ready to give up on this whole quilting idea.  But, the reason I started quilting was important - we were making prayer quilts (  So, what did my friend Kathy say?  "You should write a pattern!"  Some of the best adventures in my life have started with Kathy's ideas!  So, I did.  I thought in terms of fat quarters.  I thought about simple measurements with pictures and fast ways to piece things together.  For a math geek like me, this was incredible fun!  It also helped me and my prayer quilt friends - we could collect fat quarters or squares and make great quilts - no need for a stash of all different measurement fabrics. 
Little did I know then that I would be beginning a new chapter in my life - designing and selling quilt patterns, over 100 as of today. There are lots of us "challenged" quilters out there looking for a great easy pattern.  I wanted to offer super easy patterns that used fat quarters or charm squares.  The patterns sold here are simple to understand (for us visual learners, with a short attention span) and can be made in a variety of sizes. I wasn't a traditional quilter (never learned the proper way to do things), and I was flying by the seat of my pants.  Sometimes that is a good thing.  Thankfully, along the way, wonderful "real" quilters taught me important tips and techniques.  But don't let that fool you, I am a rule breaker, and have never been brought down by the quilt police. 
You won't be either. 
What is the worst thing that could happen, you make some mistakes and learn along the way.  Now look at the flip side, you could create something to be loved.  I have made dozens of quilts that are used (and snuggled under) daily by my family.  Not perfect, but loved.
You can do this.